Calling Prong’s latest album, Carved Into Stone, the definitive Prong album (And possibly their best) would be an understatement. Their first in almost five years, Carved Into Stone manages to encapsulate everything that Prong has ever been into a neat package and still look to the future with open arms. There’s hints of Rude Awakening industrial, the grind of Prove You Wrong, the perfection of Cleansing, some nods to thrash and some just plain old good metal.

“Eternal Heat” is the best reintroduction to Prong a fan could ask for. It’s as scorching as the name implies with Tommy Victor’s trademark squeal all over the place. Speaking of Victor’s squeal, it’s all over “Keep On Living In Pain”, and like “Eternal Heat” is not only a great refresher to Prong but also to Prong’s new members, namely drummer Alexei Rodriguez and bassist Tony Campos (MInistry, Static X).

“Revenge….Served Cold” is this great song that lies somewhere between “Whose Fist Is This Anyway?” and something off of Rude Awakening. Later on and after “List Of Grievances” thrashes it up and lays waste to the playing field, the title track slows things down with one of the most straight up metal tracks Prong has ever delivered. To broaden the Prong musical spectrum even more is “Path Of Least Resistance” which is such a crazy addition to the band’s catalog and features some of the best and most melodic Tommy Victor harmonies.

Producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan) brings so much to Carved Into Stone. From the crisp sound to Victor’s voice sounding as fresh and potent as ever, it’s almost as if fans are listening to Prong 2.0: New, improved, and ready to kick your ass. There is not, I repeat, not a bad song on Carved Into Stone. Definitive Prong? Oh hell yes. If this one doesn’t propel Prong to the heights they deserve then I might consider handing my metal card in.

Carved Into Stone is out on April 24th through Long Branch Records/SPV. Check out the pre-order here and then go here to find out where you can catch Prong live while on the road with Crowbar.


Grade: A

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