It’s probably best to first mention that I do not own a record player. Someday soon I’m hoping but for me, record buying and collecting is another way of owning something from my favorite artists. The first record I owned myself (Before the 45’s I used to have as a kid) was the  Alice In Chains Jar Of Flies Double Vinyl with Sap. I was living at home at the time so I could actually listen to the thing but the coolest part was that the vinyl was released a week ahead of the street date. Since then I’ve amassed a small collection containing some rare and not-so-rare gems that’ll always hold a special place in my heart. With Record Store Day fast approaching (4/21/12), here’s what I hope to be adding to my small, but special, collection:


1. Pelican-Australasia

How can anyone not want to own this album? It’s an instrumental beauty yet brutal and has set the bar for so many who have come after. Owning it in all its glory on vinyl is just the topping on the cake.


2. The Receiving End Of Sirens 7″

Yes, I know the two songs included on here are from 2003 and leftovers but The Receiving End Of Sirens are so good that’ll I’ll eat up anything they have to offer, even post-mortem.


3. Feist/Mastodon split

Who would’ve thought that feist covering Mastodon or Mastodon covering Feist would’ve gone over so well. Only on Record Store day, right? Anywyay, 4/21/12 will be a day marked in infamy as the day that “Feistodon” was born. I can’t wait to hear how this turns out.


4. The Hives “Go Right Ahead” 7″

Two songs from the upcoming Lex Hives release due on June 5th? Sign me up! The let me down on Black And White  but counting The Hives out is never an option!


5. Arctic Monkeys “R U Mine?” 7″

Single of the year? It is in my household at this moment. If this is the precursor to a new Arctic Monkeys full-length, then 2012 will be a very enjoyable year for me.


And that’s what I think you should be scouring the stores for this Record Store Day. For the full list, go here. Record Store Day is April 21st, 2012.

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