If ever there was a band out of Boston deserving your attention, it’s Jack Burton Vs. David Lo Pan. Having the most amazing band name aside, these four gents are making the type of music that most normal brains can’t even comprehend.

First off, if you haven’t heard of Jack Burton Vs. David Lo Pan you need to run out and get There Are No Breakdowns In Black Metal right now, devour it, and then check back into this space. All caught up? Good. Now we get to Exhibit B and the fun (ner) stuff.

I’m hesitant to compare to other bands because you really need to listen to JBvsDLP with a fresh set of ears. Are they hardcore? Are they metal? Exhibit B proves that regardless of their category, they just effing rock.

Starting with “Starring Jamie Lynn Spears In Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach”, JBvsDLP gives listeners a proper head rattling with a chaotic noise brought upon by guitarist Joey Campbell, bassist Matt Cameron, and drummer Johnny Jimenez. Then vocalist Erik Scott opens his mouth for the first time and the shit really hits the fan. If you like heavy music that is unrelenting in brutality and excellence, then Exhibit B is going to be your favorite release of 2012.

That’s not to say these lads don’t mix it up. On “You know what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like this.” “Who?” “Jack Burton…Me!” (Also the longest song on Exhibit B), JBvsDLP match the heavy with the harmony in a song that has almost as many breakdowns as words in its title. When the song goes through its final climax, you’ll be wishing you were seeing it live screaming the lyrics back in Scott’s face with a matched intensity.

“Rickles” is another one that just slays. Campbell switches between eerie solo lines to matching low end noise with Cameron’s bass and through it all, Jimenez just lays waste to listeners eardrums with the cacophony created behind his kit. Obviously not a band needing a single but if they were to release one, “Rickles” would be the perfect  introduction into the world of Jack Burton Vs. David Lo Pan.

Exhibit B will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting residents of Planet Earth really freaking soon. This is your warning.

Grade: A+++



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