As Van Halen’s tour continues to criss-cross the country to mixed reviews, the guys are also still plugging away at singles from their comeback album, A Different Kind of Truth.

“She’s The Woman” sounds like classic-era Van Halen (actually, it’s way better than I figured it has any right to be,) but the video…ooh, the video. Did the guys just make this clip out of obligation under the assumption that it wasn’t gonna get shown anywhere anyway? I mean, performance videos are a hallmark of hard rock clips, but this just looks lazy. Still frames of David Lee Roth doing his wildman schtick, graphics of the album cover, Eddie’s maniacal grinning, Dave’s ass tat, and the fact that they all just look fucking old, man.

They could have at least gotten some hot chicks to shake it up in the video and gone back to the “Hot For Teacher” steez, y’know?

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