If there was a movie based solely on nirvana (the noun, not the band, you sillies), Bear In Heaven would be the artists supplying the score. On their latest, I Love You It’s Cool, Brooklyn’s Bear In Heaven magically meld electronic soundscapes with live instruments to create something, um, magical.

Upon first hearing Bear In Heaven you will be transported to a heavenly place where you’ll either want to dance endlessly or stare at your shoes while bobbing your head in a trance-like state. It’s a weird mix of styles but it works surprisingly well. “Sinful Nature” mixes Pet Shop Boys with VNV Nation at times. “World Of Freakout” has elements of Wall Of Voodoo circa Call Of The West  sonically while “Cool Light” is a little bit country and a little bit Animal Collective (I kid. It’s a little bit Animal Collective all of the time). Other places the songs speak for themselves such as the driving drone of “Space Remains” or the Atari sounds that permeate throughout “Warm Water”.

But regardless of who Bear In Heaven remind us of, the fact of the matter is that the music that John Philpot, John Stickney, and Adam Wills have created is so unique and ultimately beyond comparison. One of the best releases of 2012 so far, I Love You It’s Cool is an album you absolutely need to hear and definitely need to own.

I Love You It’s Cool is out now through Dead Oceans. Get some cool packages over here.

Grade: A



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