I have a soft spot for J.Lo. I have an even softer spot for Pitbull. Please don’t ask me to explain this common occurrence. Anyway, the two have paired up again for her brand new single “Dance Again” (Along with producer RedOne) which follows along the re-energized path of last year’s Love? album.

It’s a scorcher, it’s a barn burner. It’s smokin’. In other words, it’s hot! Also, any song that starts off with quotes from an Ol’ Dirty Bastard song is immediately alright in my book. Some artists make their best tracks when faced with relationships falling apart, others do not (*cough*Madge*cough*). J.Lo is an artist who definitely rises up and “Dance Again” is a testament to that.

“Dance Again” is out now digitally. Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released-and-hot-as-hell video.



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