If you’re looking for a band that simply rawks then Hawk Eyes is your band and Ideas is your new favorite album of 2012. As featured in last year’s AP blog, the artists formerly known as Chickenhawk have returned with a new album that’s equal parts Troublegum-era Therapy? and modern day Queens Of The Stone Age. (How crazy is it that QOTSA is now a band to be compared to? I’m old.)

Funded in part by a Pledgemusic campaign and released on March 26th, Leeds based Hawk Eyes have perfected their sound on Ideas and created a sonic masterpiece. The first three tracks alone are worth the biggest pledge package and single “Skyspinners” is in contention for best rock song of 2012. Another great thing about Ideas is that while it’s still a cohesive album, no two songs sound alike.

Take the already mentioned “Skyspinners” which is a straight up rocker and then go to the next track, “Yes Have Some”, which sounds like a hyper-metalized version of QOTSA. Try the hardcore post-punk stylings of “You Deserve A Medal” or “Hollywood Sweatshop” that starts schizophrenically and then goes to standard rock ground, hits on some thrash territory, and then has one of the biggest, most sweeping choruses on all of Ideas. “Milk Hog” treads Mastodon territory and “Kiss This” is just two minutes of headbanging bliss.

When it comes to Ideas, one thing that’s for sure is that Hawk Eyes are not lacking in that department. As a music fan, you’re unlikely to find another album that rocks as hard and with as much sonic diversity as Ideas in 2012.

Hawk Eyes Ideas is available now.

Grade: A



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