How many of y’all remember Diana King? King has been on the scene since 1994 and is still making music, though it’s been infrequent of late. She describes herself as a strong brew of genres … seasoned with reggae. If you remember King, it might be because of her spot on Biggie’s song Respect. But, it’s probably because of her 1995 single Shy Guy, which was also on the movie soundtrack for the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith movie vehicle, Bad Boys.

The video showcases some King, some parts of the movie, and lots of Smith and Lawrence “dumb dancing”. Back in 1995, I was always looking for this video on MTV because I found the dumb dancing hilarious. I remember rejoicing when the movie was released as a Special Edition DVD with the video as an added feature.

The movie is oft-forgotten as the vehicle that really jumpstarted Will Smith’s movie career. Most will look at Independence Day as the film that blew Smith up, and it did, but this movie showed that he could carry an action movie, and one that outdid expectations. The film was originally written as a Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz buddy picture. It did nearly 70 million at the box office. Lawrence benefitted from the film too as he had a nice little run in the late 90s.

Check out Lawrence and Smith act the fool:

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