David Lynch meets Talking Heads in the video for Hank & Cupcakes‘ “Liquid Mercury” off their upcoming full-length. If you haven’t heard of this multicultural duo yet, you’re missing something big. The song is catchy and so densely layered with awesomeness that you’ll need at least ten listens to take it all in. The video also has so many things going on that it demands repeat viewing.

The sounds that these two make are just magical. Cupcakes is a simply entrancing performer and you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off of her whether she’s singing or banging away on the drums. Hank on the other hand is equally captivating as he hammers away at his bass and hops around in fits of fun.

“Liquid Mercury” has all the makings of an unforgettable pop song with H&C’s unique flair and attitude. Throw in some infectious chants of “Stop! Stop!” which remind me of Duran Duran’s “Notorious” and you’re golden.


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