I’ve been thinking for a while about writing a piece on the death of the R&B group. One of the last vocal groups to find any success in the soul music genre was Atlanta’s quartet 112. Discovered and signed by Puffy Combs, the four young men had a decade-long run of hit singles and albums, including their very solid, Platinum-selling debut (which featured the hits “Cupid” and “Only You.”) I wasn’t aware that the band had split. I do know that one of their co-lead singers, Slim (the one with the whiny voice) had a minor solo hit a couple years ago.

At any rate, Quinnes (Q) Parker (the one with the Michael McDonald-esque voice) has been laying in the cut for a while, but makes his solo debut with “Show You How,” a midtempo effort that’s got a bit of ear candy. It’s taken from his upcoming album The MANual, which will be arriving this spring or summer. I’m liking this track. Q’s a solid singer (although-and I really hate to sound like a broken rec0rd-I hate hearing auto-tune used with perfectly good vocalists,) it’s lyrically sound, and although I was never the hugest fan of 112 while they were an active unit, this might be one to check for on the sneak tip. Give it a listen!

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