They’re back! Have you missed Julien-K in these pages? I know I have. Anyway, Julien-K have returned fresh off a European tour, with their latest video “We’re Here With You”. The title track from their sophomore album released in January, “We’re Here With You” sets the mood for the entire album and the video exemplifies that perfectly.

At first glance, the video reminds me of the 360 fashion cam that E! uses on all of their Red Carpet events which is fitting considering how style conscious Julien-K already is. Labeled a “vibe” song and not a traditional “single”, “We’re Here With You” much like “Breakfast In Berlin”, continues to build the world of We’re Here With You one song and video at a time. Here’s hoping “Colorcast” or “Close Continuance” are the next stops on this road.

Overall, it’s an amazing video and further proof that Julien-K is a band to keep an eye on in 2012.



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