Man, it’s nice to hear Usher Raymond sounding like an adult again.

Over the past three years or so, it’s been quite disheartening to hear a solid vocal talent creatively sell his ass in order to sell records. Five years from now, is anyone gonna remember “OMG” or  “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love?” Let me not even get started on that song with Nicki Minaj that sampled Stevie’s “Livin’ For The City.” That almost ruined my relationship with Nicki Minaj forever (for those keeping score-it was restored with Kanye’s “Monster” and then she lost me again with the Gaga-esque Grammy performance.)

Anyhow, Ursher is back with a new joint called “Climax,” and the Diplo-produced song hits the sweet spot between musically substantial and pop-radio friendly. I’m digging the electronic flourishes on this one, but even more, I’m digging Usher singing at the top of his range. This track actually has a bit of a Robin Thicke vibe to it–interesting because the two have worked on several of Usher’s best album tracks (“Can U Handle It” and “Dot Com”) in the past. Anyway, I don’t have any news on an upcoming release date or anything, but Usher would be wise to stay in this lane moving forward.

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