My buddy @prak_daddy went to see Keith Sweat in concert recently and told me that Keith hasn’t really aged (as you can see by the photo). I started reminiscing about Keith’s music and tried to talk to some of my early 20s co-workers about Keith, who they’d never heard of before. It wasn’t easy to help them understand why Keith was big for a minute. He didn’t have fantastic vocals. But he had a cool swagger to him before people were calling it cool swagger.

Make You Sweat was the lead single off his double platinum album, I’ll Give All My Love To You. Teddy Riley helped produce the album and it was right in his lane as the album came out in 1990, smack dab in the middle of the New Jack Swing era. Make You Sweat went number one on the R&B charts.

It also featured this tour de force lyric:

You say no, I say yes
Girl I bet, I can make you sweat

Check out Keith in all his turtle neck and rayon glory.


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