Norah Jones is incorrectly framed as a boring, snoozy kind of artist.

It’s called typecasting. Her Grammy-winning, record-smashing debut, Come Away With Me wasn’t boring (I loved it,) but it did pigeonhole her as a jazzy, quiet artist who made a sleepy (in the most delightful) sense. Since that success a decade ago, Norah has made records that flirt with country, has added in some rock textures, and has collaborated with hip-hoppers including Talib Kweli, Q-Tip and Andre 3000.

In that context, her decision to collaborate with Danger Mouse shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, nor should the fact that her new single “Happy Pills” indicates that her upcoming album, Little Broken Hearts, might just be worth checking out. The song chugs along nicely, the production brings Norah’s voice more to the forefront and gives it some oomph, and it’s a pretty pleasant track overall. It’s not so left that it’s like OMIGODWHATHAVEYOUDONETONORAHJONES, but it’s just a teeny bit off the beaten path. I respect that she shakes things up a little. You go, Norah.

She is also looking quite fine on the album cover.

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