Alt-rock for the Facebook generation, The Front Bottoms live in an alternate universe where blink 182’s self-titled album that mixed pop punk with The Cure was a critical and commercial success. If you haven’t heard this duo yet, you’re soon going to find yourself in the minority.

On “Maps”, they have a single that’s definitely going to put them on the “map” (Sorry, I had to!). It’s catchy and fun thanks to the beats laid down by Matt Uychich on drums and guitarist/vocalist Brian Sella’s melodies and Tom DeLonge meets Mike Doughty vocal delivery. It’s also the duo’s infectious personalities that propel the song and the video to new heights.

The Front Bottoms make their return to MA on leap day (February 29th) opening for Matt Pryor at Great Scott. Their debut full-length is available now through Bar/None Records.



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