This collaboration between genre-hopping anime band Gorillaz and fellow spaced-out geniuses Andre 3000 (better known as the guy from Outkast wearing all that purple) and James Murphy (better known as now-defunct LCD Soundsystem’s main maestro and treasurer of the Justin Vernon Foundation For Frontmen Who Do NOT Share A Name With Their Band) has been gabbed about for several weeks now. No, this isn’t indicative of a full-scale album-length collaboration–although if it were, I’d stop waking up in the middle of the night pining for a new Outkast record for a few months–but rather a one-off, courtesy of Converse, designed to promote the brand’s new Gorillaz shoe.

“DoYaThing”, predictably, is unpredictable, although it bears lots of hallmarks of each artists’ varied, exciting discography. Three Stacks contributes a long, winding verse with lots of catchphrases, Damon Albarn and Murphy serve as pretty impeccable duet foils, Albarn stoic and monotone, Murphy charmingly off-key and jumpy, and the burbling, synthy instrumental seems engineered to move feet. It’s solid work all around, so do ya damn thing, do ya thang-a-thang, and give it a listen below.

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