My love for Killing Joke is a rewarding experience. Just the other morning I saw a post about this band I knew nothing about, Reverend And The Makers, and was treated to their latest single “Bassline” from the upcoming @Reverend_Makers album.

“Bassline” is a thumping dance track that’ll have you on your feet and hopping the second it kicks in. Kind of like the Happy Mondays on speed (Now THAT’S a scary thought!), Reverend create some compelling beats and rhythms with some crisp production by Killing Joke’s resident “Bassline”, Youth.

Check out the track below and then do yourself and pre-order the album due in May right here. Or you can tide yourself over like I did and check out the rest of Reverend And The Makers impressive catalog right here. Trust me when I say that Jon McClure and the Reverend might be your favorite discovery of the year.



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