If Devo ever decide to call it day, Baddies is the band that the torch needs to be passed to. Part Devo (“Man Made Man”), part Queens of the Stone Age (“These Animals”), part Oingo Boingo (“The Lightmen”), UK’s Baddies are simply delightful and on Build, the band’s second full-length, they keep it delightfully simple. On the follow-up to Do the Job (Please tell me you’ve heard this record!), Baddies streamline their sound, keep it at a concise 10 tracks and bludgeon listeners over the head with awesomeness.

Build expands yet tightens on Do The Job‘s sound and with one listen to opener “Rewire” that’s very apparent. While Do The Job was very loose throughout with Baddies defining their sound, Build sees the UK natives deciding from the get go who they are. “Rewire” is futuristic Devo incarnate from start to finish and sets the tone for the rest of Build. “Mind Machines” brings forth the mantra of “We’re in control!” amidst swirling keys and QOTSA-like drum fills as it takes on an otherworldly air thanks to Jim Webster and Simon Bellamy’s synths lines while elsewhere, “These Animals” is gonna cause you to bob your head along relentlessly whether you want to or not

That’s not to say the door is closed on experimentation. The quiet rocker “Centurion” is unlike anything Baddies have done before opening with a memorable guitar line thanks to Bellamy that haunts listeners repeatedly within its almost five minute length.

Playing with words is something that vocalist Michael Webster excels at and lead off single “Bronto” displays that perfectly. If you didn’t have a reason to pick up Build yet, then “Bronto” is sure to push you out the door to the record shops (Or to your computer for a digital download).

A band that deserves your attention, Baddies is sure to leave an impression with Build. Do yourself and get on the bandwagon before it passes you by.

Build is out March 5th. Listen to samples here and then Pre-order here.

Grade: A

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