“Daddy buys me anything/Presidency/Oil Company”…sound familiar? Politics aside, “Surrounded By White Men” is a scorcher of a song (and video!) by Antlered Man. These British upstarts are lighting a fire under conventional music. Giftes 1&2 (Due on March 5th) is a breath of fresh air in today’s musical climate of retreads.

Similar to “Platoono Of Uno”, “…White Men” starts quietly and builds to an epic climax. Vocalist Damo Ezekiel-Holmes begins in a whisper while Danny Fury lays out a spectacular spaced out guitar line.  Oliver Parker is truly the standout here as he just beats away at the drums  and keeps a steady rhythm with bassist Sam Ray throughout.

Check out the video below and pre-order Antlered Man’s upcoming full-length Giftes 1&2, due March 5th,  here.



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