There’s this band you need to know about right now. They’re called Knives Out and they’re the best kept secret in metal today. Hopefully with the release of their full-length debut, Black Mass Hysteria, that status will soon change.

Featuring members from an array of metal communities (Nothingface, Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver, HELLYEAH), Knives Out is a band that goes for the throat every second they blast a note out of your speakers. Nothingface was an underrated gem of a band and DFD/Polkadot Cadaver are severely underrated. Joining forces for Knives Out might be the best way to shed some light on the members other bands but, more importantly, turn you on to the heavenly carnage of their new band.

“Hide In The Sky” heralds the coming apocalypse as vocalist Todd Smith opens with this ominous line: “Save us from ourselves again”. Hearing the Nothingface team of guitarist Tom Maxwell and drummer Tommy Sickles at the opening of “Hide…” is refreshing since prospects of a new Nothingface album fizzled a few years back.

“Hysteria” begins in the DFD/Polkadot realm then switches to full on Faith No More as Smith gives, hands down, the best vocal performance of his career (And throughout BMH) switching from a falsetto in the opening to a bark then to an overwhelmingly melodic line in the chorus that will just blow listeners and fans of his away.

For those of us who own the Rough Cuts EP, released in 2010, don’t fret. Yes, all four of the EP’s tracks are here but the versions of those songs that appear on Black Mass Hysteria are freshly re-recorded and reworked. Songs like “Surrounded By Demons” sound even more potent  while “Pink On The Inside” adds some gang vocals during the chorus making it the most twisted sing-a-long this side of a Marilyn Manson single.

Probably more in tone with Nothingface than DFD or Polkadot Cadaver, Black Mass Hysteria is a brutal debut throughout. Guitarist Jasan Stepp and bassist Dave Cullen add intensity to every song and Smith’s often macabre lyrics have never felt more at home with the kind of music being laid down behind him. If there’s one debut metal album you need to own in 2012, it’s this one. It might be the most important music purchase you make all year. C’mon! Support good music!

Knives Out Black Mass Hysteria is available now through various digital retailers (Try here or here) and as some cool bundles (May I recommend the “It’s judgement day you sinful & murderous PIGS! package?) and CD packages through

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