So, what took Dres of Black Sheep fame and Jarobi White of A Tribe Called Quest fame so long to hook up?

I don’t know, but all indications are pointing to this Evitan album being hot as hell. I haven’t seen a release date OR an album title yet, but there are two tracks floating around, so it’s got to be coming soon. Right?

The two emcees recently unveiled “Give It To Me,” the second track from their upcoming collaboration, and it’s a banger for sure. The beat is sick, Dres is on point as per usual, and Jarobi can flow a little something. See what hidden talents folks have?

You also might want to check out Jarobi’s website. The brother went to culinary school, and the handful of recipes he has up there look good. Might be time to put on my chef’s hat and try something!

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