Vince Clarke and Andy Bell have been making beautiful music together for over a quarter-century. Those of you who only know the handful of Erasure songs that hit the pop top 40 have missed out on some of the best electronic music to emerge during this time period. Clarke is a master on the synthesizers, and Andy Bell is a fantastic vocalist (his two solo albums are also pretty decent. If you see  either of them somewhere, snap ’em up.)

I can also say that an Erasure show is an experience and a half. Andy knows how to put on a spectacle, and you haven’t lived until you’ve stood in a crowd of a thousand or so gay men (and the women who love them) and sang “A Little Respect” at the top of your lungs.

At any rate, the group’s album Tomorrow’s World was released last fall, and the video for the track “Fill Us With Fire” made it’s debut at the end of last week. It’s got some busy kaleidoscope action going on, although nowhere near as busy as Jay-Z & Kanye’s “Paris” clip. It was filmed at an Erasure live performance, and the song is a typical slice of Erasure: warm and melodic, yet perfectly capable of filling up a dance floor. Check it out.

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