A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Plug One and Plug Two of De La Soul (AKA Pos & Dave) are unveiling a new project called First Serve. The concept is a little weird, but I’m so excited to hear new music from these guys that I’m willing to forgive the weird framework the music is given in.

With the First Serve album release coming up (4/2, for those who are unaware,) the fellas have decided to add a video component to their concept. As a song, “Must B The Music” sounds a little more club-friendly than the average De La cut (although the album concept indicates that this type of music would be in First Serve’s wheelhouse.) Yes, the hook of the song is the same as the disco classic from 1981 (made popular by Secret Weapon.) The members of De La are barely disguised, and the video is filled with the usual De La goofiness. I’m digging this track for sure–very excited for the new project, no matter what name it appears on store shelves under.

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