Has it really been nearly fifteen years since “The Boy Is Mine”? Damn, I’m old.

Brandy and Monica are now in their thirties. Both women have children. And they’re apparently too grown to be fighting over dudes.

“It All Belongs To Me” will appear on both singers’ upcoming albums. Brandy’s is due in March, while Monica’s has been pushed back several times over the past couple of months and I have no idea what the most recent release date is.

The song? Newsworthiness aside, it’s kind of a yawn. Monica’s still a better singer, but they’ve never been a good match vocally. Brandy still sounds girlish, while Monica sounds more womanlike. Even from a lyrical standpoint, the song sounds tired. It’s a song that will be even more dated-sounding than it’s predecessor in five years time. Anyhow, have a listen. Feel free to sound off in the comment section.

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