Being that I write about The X Factor and American Idol here on Popblerd, I think it’s my job to keep up with the contestants because, let’s be honest here, I think I’m the only one who cares. Ha!

Melanie Amaro won the inaugural U.S. season of The X Factor. By winning the season, she not only won a large amount of money and a record deal, she also won the opportunity to star in her own Pepsi commercial, which debuted yesterday during the Super Bowl.

According to Melanie’s own Twitter account, her sped up dance version of Respect isn’t the first single from her album, only the song to the Pepsi commercial.

All Amaro fans should be thankful for that. It’s not as bad as Whitney Houston’s muzak version of A Song For You, but it’s not very good either.

Here’s the full Pepsi commercial with Melanie, Elton John, and Flavor Flav:

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