Is it safe to say that Wasting Light was the album that officially jumped the Foo Fighters from great rock band into legendary rock band status? 17 years in and still able to punch out a #1 album and plaster themselves all over rock radio–I’d say their ticket to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is pretty much stamped.

Dave, Taylor, Nate, Chris and Pat also look to add some more hardware to their trophy shelf in about a week with several Grammy nominations. Before you tune in to check out their performance on February 12th, why don’t you check out the video for “These Days,” their latest single?

It’s a fairly prototypical “on the road” video. Bonus points for including a shot of Dave’s wife and kids in addition to several borderline gratuitous shots of Taylor Hawkins in various states of undress. Nevertheless, great song, solid video, and I hope the guys bring home a Grammy or two.

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