I’m hoping the UK’s Baddies is a band you’ll be hearing a lot about in 2012. Their 2009 debut Do The Job is in regular rotation at the Popblerd offices and their upcoming sophomore record, Build, is already in the running to top it.


On Build (Due in March or out now if you helped their Pledgemusic campaign like I did), Baddies have evolved and fully embraced their inner Devo (Check out the matching uniforms in the video!) and “Bronto” is the perfect gateway drug into their world. The song is hypnotic and catchy as Michael Webster barks out the various “Bytes!” that open up the song and chorus while surrounded by swirling synths, thundering beats, and chugging riffs.


Directed by Tristan Anderson, “Bronto” captures just a small bit of the intensity of a Baddies performance while pulling you into the awesome visuals that make up Build.


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