Here’s the dilemma.

Not only is Nixon Nyce a valued member of the Popblerd! staff, but he’s one of the leading lights in Boston’s hip-hop scene.

Thing is, his new song, a remix of Tyga’s “Rack City” called “Pat City” is about…the New England Patriots.

Even if I wasn’t a diehard New York Giants fan, the fact of the matter is that I hate the Patriots. Actually, I don’t hate the Patriots. I have a mild dislike of the Patriots. I fucking hate Tom Brady, though. Is there a particular reason? Nah. Just don’t like dude. What? It’s sports. You don’t have to have a reason.

When you shake it all out, though, I gotta support my brother, even if the sports teams he supports are misguided! Nixon Nyce is pure dopeness, no matter if he’s a Patriots fan or not. Enjoy the track!

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