Here at Popblerd, we enjoy using our Viewfinder and Singles Bar columns to highlight new and exciting tracks for your listening pleasure. We also like drawing attention to videos that make music nerds giggle. Bon Joviver falls into the latter category.

As it turns out, Bon Joviver is exactly what it sounds like: an uncannily accurate facsimile of the bearded folkie who made Popblerd’s Top Album of 2011, singing the irrepressible New Jersey rocker’s mega-hit “You Give Love A Bad Name” in an ethereal falsetto. At a scant minute long, the clip’s a bit too brief a taste of the glory of Bon Joviver, but let’s all cross our fingers and hope that second hit “I’ll Be There For Emma, Forever Ago” delivers the full-length goods.

In the meantime, the gauntlet has been thrown down for ironic mash-up band names. Your move, Florence Against the Machine!

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