As our own Drew pointed out yesterday in his Singles Bar column which featured a stream of Bruce Springsteen’s new single, Bruce and company are back again with a brand new album on March 6.

Listening to the new single made me think about my favorite all-time Springsteen video. Of course it was the one with the baseball backdrop! As I stated in a previous Friday Throwback, I was really introduced to music videos via my dad who video taped them. I first saw the Glory Days video this way and it would be a video that I’d rewind and replay often.

I don’t imagine The Boss could throw the baseball all that hard. In fact, the ball is probably coming out of his hands at a lesser speed than that of my 11-year old. However, my 11-year old does throw a decent “speedball” as Bruce would say. I pop every time I watch this video and see the old baseball clip of Doc Gooden (Dr. K, Dr. K!). I also love how in his fictitious mind, Graig Nettles would be the one to take Bruce deep in the bottom of the 9th. By 1985, Graig wasn’t really taking anyone deep anymore, but I’ll let it slide. The dude did hit nearly 400 home runs in the MLB.


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