Blue Ivy Carter was born to Beyonce and Jay-Z on January 7th, making her still less than a week old today. It also makes her the youngest charting “artist” in Billboard history. Because her cries and gurgles are credited on Jay-Z’s Glory, which Big Money linked to earlier this week, she gets to bask in the “glory” of a being on the R&B/Hip Hop songs chart. I imagine the song will gain even more momentum.

BIC’s arrival made me think about Jay-Z’s arrival. After doing some research, I found what seems to be the first video he ever starred in, which was for a song that came out two years before his rookie album Reasonable Doubt. I Can’t Get With That features a bald and young, Young Hov rapping in spitfire mode. He’s also wearing a Reggie Miller jersey which is a bit odd, if only because he’s so New York cultured. Reggie was public enemy number 1 in New York by 1994. He was also right on the money when he said he was making Dame Dash rich.

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