The biggest celebrity news this week was unquestionably the birth of Ivy Blue Carter, the child of rap legend Jay-Z and his larger-than-life pop star wife, Beyonce Knowles. What I bet you weren’t expecting was for young Blue Ivy to potentially become the youngest artist to ever appear on a Billboard chart!

In honor of his first child’s birth, Jay has released “Glory.” It’s a touching (if obviously rush-recorded) tribute that features his newborn’s coos in the song’s mix. Also worth noting, Jay twice alludes to Beyonce having miscarried in the past, something the couple kept under wraps, as is custom for this very public, yet very private relationship.

Kudos to Jay and Beyonce, and here’s wishing Ivy Blue (and all babies) nothing but the best for life. It bothered me to see people already making fun of (or worse, making idiotic Illuminati references toward) an innocent baby. I wonder if some folks try so hard to be witty and snarky that they forget about things like basic decency.

Glory Feat. B.I.C. by RocNation

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