First listen through “Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing”, Therapy?’s latest single off their upcoming 13th studio album A Brief Crack Of Light (due February 6th), and I am pleasantly reminded of the band’s back-to-back classics Nurse and Troublegum.

Simply put, the song kicks all kinds of ass. From the opening guitar and drum barrage through the singular Michael McKeegan led bass line, Therapy? pull no punches. Singer/guitarist Andy Cairns is still as amazing as ever and looking as crazed and spry as he ever was. Meanwhile, drummer Neil Cooper continues to impress as he gives his fresh take on the Therapy? sound.

The video mixes performance footage with some nuclear fallout scenes making allusions that the “Terrible Thing” here might be something akin to Chernobyl. Standout video for a standout song.

A Brief Crack Of Light comes out February 6th with the single, “Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing” preceding it on January 23rd. Check out samples of the entire album over here.


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