Zach Braff & Donald Faison are two of my favorite actors. Not that it should be that difficult to figure out from the name of this site. At any rate, the two, good friends in real life, haven’t done anything professionally since Scrubs 2.0 was taken out of it’s misery two years ago. All will be forgiven if you guys just make a movie. Bill Lawrence, are you listening?

At any rate, the erstwhile JD and Turk reteamed a few days back for a video performance of the holiday standard “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The bromance vibes are on full force in this clip, and a few things stand out as being noteworthy:

1) Donald Faison can sing a little somethin’. I mean, I knew that already based on “Scrubs,” but shit. Dude should make an album. For those not in the know: his brother, Olamide, is a professional musician that used to be a member of boy band Imajin back in the day and was also apparently on “Sesame Street”…I guess I’m a little too old to remember that. At any rate, we’re gonna do a post on him soon, too.

2) Considering the brightly shining sun and their formal gear, it’s probably not all that cold outside where they are. I’m just saying.

3) Did I mention that I think there should be a “Scrubs” movie? I did? Well, I’ll say it again.

Anyway, I realize Christmas was almost a week ago, but you guys should really watch this. Then watch it again. And again. And again.

…and Zach, no one likes scatting? Has anyone seen how many records Michael Buble is selling these days?

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