We’re down to the nitty gritty. After Marcus Canty was booted out of the show by America last week, it left just three contestants; Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, and Chris Rene. Some may say that one of these things is not like the other. And they’d be right. Chris Rene is lyrically, the ugly duckling of the show. His vocals are average at best and his rapping is worse than Astro’s was … when he was five. But what Chris lacks in actual singing talent, he makes up in what they are looking for, the x-factor, the one thing that you can’t teach. His charisma is off the charts and he has a fantastic story that makes him easy to root for. I’m doing the hard sell job on Rene because I think he deserves to be here. This show isn’t called “The Voice” for a reason.

Hotlist Week 7
1. Melanie Amaro
2. Josh Krajcik
3. Chris Rene

The Defeated
1. InTENsity
2. The Stereo Hogzz
3. Stacy Francis
4. Lakoda Rayne
5. LeRoy Bell
6. Astro
7. Drew
8. Rachel Crow
9. Marcus Canty

By the way, there’s word that Mr. Anti-charisma isn’t returning to the show next year. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought he was bored and brought nothing to the show, unlike greatness himself Ryan Seacrest.

Word is that we’re going to get duets tonight. Give my girl Melanie some Mariah or Ne-Yo. Also, can we please get Young Homie again?

Aaron is back with us as well.

Josh Krajcik is hitting leadoff. He’s singing Alanis Morissette’s Uninvited. If Alanis comes out right here, it’s the duet round! And here she comes. She sounds fantastic, but of all songs, this one? There’s a fairly high degree of difficulty for Josh to hit these notes. Aaron says it wasn’t his favorite beginning but their vocals connected. LA says it was the perfect pairing. Paula says Josh held her own and kept his identity. Simon says he was a bit intimidated in the beginning, but he picked it up. Nicole says he’s giving and wonderful as an artist.

Chris Rene is up next and they’re really doing him a disservice. They couldn’t get anyone who fits him better than Avril Lavigne? Chris makes it fun as possible, but he’s out of his lane. His rhyming was a little better here because it was sing songy, but still not good. Aaron says he thought it was the best Chris has sounded until Avril joined in and exposed him, but he liked the rap. Nicole says it was a little shaky in the takeoff but he came out on top and he has infectious energy. Paula says he deserves to be here and she loves him. Simon says he felt his total joy and confidence. LA says it could be a number one record if he and Avril released it.

Melanie Amaro is up next singing I Believe I Can Fly. Are we really going to see R. Kelly on this show? Yikes. At least be thankful she’s not singing Trapped In The Closet. By the way, I think Melanie is about 10 years too old for R’s taste. And I hate to say it, but R. still has it. He annihilated Alanis and Avril. Officer, there are two women down. Aaron says it was professional from top to bottom, as if they have been touring together for years. LA says Melanie was overshadowed by R. Nicole says Melanie soared on that song. Paula says her conviction has made them believe in her. Simon says it was an incredible duet.

It’s Cirque Du Soleil and X Factor. Josh, Melanie, and Chris help MJ sing They Don’t Care About Us with the cirque performers.

Josh Krajcik is singing At Last, which is what got him on the show. Poor Etta James seems to be at the end of her life. Hopefully Josh says something about her after his performance. He must hit the hell out of the last note. He didn’t really go for it. Still, strong performance. Aaron says it was well paced and was a well-told story. LA says he’s proud and Josh looks so at home on stage. Paula says he’s authentic and kind-hearted. Simon says it was a risky song, but it was everything they like about him. Nicole says music loves him.

Chris Rene is back singing the song that made him. It’s Young Homie time. This song will never not be good. Aaron says Chris’s threads, flashiness, and back up dancers this time soured Young Homie for him. Nicole says thanks for the gift. Paula says he makes everyone fall in love with him. Simon says it was his 5 million dollar song. LA says he loves what he just did.

Melanie Amaro is singing the song I wanted her to sing, Listen. It’s my favorite Beyonce song ever. And I think Melanie performs it better than Beyonce. I think she did it a little bit better in her audition, but still, based on vocals only, she wins this competition hands down. Aaron says every time she sings it’s concert quality, but this one did not stand out for him, though she should still win. LA says it was the Melanie that he loves and that it was a 50 million dollar performance. Nicole says Melanie’s music empowers her. Paula says it was stellar. Simon says she should be the winner of the X Factor.

Here’s how Aaron and I have them finishing tomorrow:

1. Melanie Amaro
2. Chris Rene
3. Josh Krajcik

1. Melanie Amaro
2. Josh Krajcik
3. Chris Rene

There you have it. Both Aaron and I think Melanie wins the big money. We disagree on who comes in second. No matter what, all three are deserving. Mr. Anti-charisma, out!

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