Talib Kweli has been a very busy man these days. In the past two years alone, the Brooklyn-bred emcee has recorded an album with producer partner Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal, collaborated with outside-the-box R&B singer Res on the Idle Warship project, released his own album Gutter Rainbows, and has also played shows and recorded material with his longtime rhyme partner Mos Def (I will not embarrass myself by asking for a new Black Star album because…well, I’ve done that before.)

He’s also prepping a new solo album, Prisoner Of Conscious, for release at the top of 2012. If he feels as though he’s held back because of the socio-political elements of his music, however, that hasn’t stopped him from making “Distractions” the first single from his new project. If you’re a fan of Kweli, you’re not hearing anything new on this song, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Talib remains one of the most eloquent, passionate emcees around. His lyricism is always on point even when his production isn’t. And this time, the beat-provided by Oh No-is more than sufficient to support his vocals.

The video was shot in NYC during the Occupy Wall Street rallies-providing an accurate backdrop for Kweli’s lyrics.

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