Y’all know I love me some pop-funk. I was raving to all of my friends about Maroon 5 at least six months before they blew up. Every now and then, I look at Adam Levine on TV or read his Twitter feed, and I regret that decision. But anyway, give me a bouncy beat, have a singer do his best Stevie Wonder and I’m probably gonna be hooked.

Such is the case with new UK-based, German-born singer Chromatone. I have no clue what dude is doing with his fingers in this press shot, but I’m definitely getting major M5 vibes from his single “She Tries.” It’s a pleasantly danceable groove with solid lyrics and an appealing vocal. Actually, given the artist’s current country of origin, I get as much of a Jamiroquai vibe as I do Maroon 5. It’s all good.

Chromatone doesn’t have an official album yet, but he will have a mixtape available next year. In the meantime, feast your ears on “She Tries.” I get the feeling that this song would smoke when performed live. Speed it up a step and let the rhythm section kick some ass!

She Tries (Free Download – mp3) by chromatone

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