I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but at some point, the kids decided to add a P and take away an O from the word “owned” and it became “pwned”. How long until those kids will change it to Tebowned?

As if he couldn’t just have a good first half and help his team get an early lead, he did it yet again. The fourth quarter has become Tebow time for Timothy Richard Tebow. After being shut out for the first three quarters, Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a touchdown to make a 10-0 deficit fairly manageable. With three seconds left in regulation, Tebow got his team close, but not that close. Matt Prater lined up for a 59-yard field goal that would tie the game and send it into overtime. Of course he made it. Of course he did. In fact, Prater made it easily.

Prater did it again in overtime, kicking a 51-yard field goal to win the game. At some point, you expect Tebow to crack a smile, admit that he has no idea why the game continues to come down to the end, and why his team wins these close games. At some point, maybe he’ll even call it luck. But no, here was Tebow’s explanation:

If you believe, then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible.

Well, that’s not going to make those Tebow naysayers like him. But at least he’s consistent. That quote also reminded me of this:

Always remember; ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!.

1. You’d think that the Oakland Raiders would feel a little more pressured to play their best football knowing that the Denver Broncos are hot. Nope. After last week’s stink bomb, they looked like a D-II team playing LSU in their 46-16 loss to Green Bay. Shane Lechler threw an incomplete pass. His QB rating was only three points lower than Carson Palmer’s. That’s how bad it was.

(Denver is now a full game ahead of the Oakland Raiders in the AFC West.)

2. How many of you saw Tom Brady screaming at his offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien? If you watched any football whatsoever yesterday, you had to see it. Brady threw a 4th quarter interception in the end zone and he seemed to be upset that his receiver Tiquan Underwood didn’t fight harder for the ball. Some will call him a jerk. Some will call him fiery. I think he’s just so dang competitive. He’s probably hell to deal with on a day in and day out basis because of that competitiveness. Even though the Washington Redskins made a game out of it, they still came up short in the end after a Santana Moss drop turned into an interception deep in New England’s territory.

3. As a San Francisco 49ers fan, I don’t really mind it when the Dallas Cowboys have their problems. But sheesh, Cowboys players must have nightmares about losing close games. Kicker Dan Bailey was iced by his own coach last week, which led to his field goal miss that would’ve won the game in Arizona. The Cowboys had a 12-point lead at home with 5:41 left in the game. But Eli Manning led two touchdown scoring drives to take a 3-point lead with 46 seconds left. Romo connected with Miles Austin on two long passes to put them in position to tie. Bailey hit the field goal, but Tom Coughlin called a timeout before the kick. The next one was blocked. Sucks to be Dan Bailey right about now.

4. Speaking of my 49ers, they laid an absolute egg in Arizona, losing 21-19. The Cardinals had a brilliant defensive game plan, blitzing from all over and causing the 49ers to look clueless offensively. The 49ers are 10-3, but losing footing on a first week bye in the playoffs.

5. The team who is now tied with the 49ers in the race for the first week playoff bye is the New Orleans Saints, who went into Tennessee to defeat the Titans 22-17. Jake Locker replaced an injured Matt Hasselbeck and had the Titans within striking distance to win the game, getting them down to the Saints’ 5-yard line, but was sacked to end the game. Drew Brees threw the ball 47 times and completed 36 passes. Holy jeez.

6. Big Ben Roethlisberger might not be a fantastic human being, but the man is tough. Watch the video below and just know that he came back into the game and led his team to a 14-3 win over the hapless Cleveland Browns.

7. The Carolina Panthers had the Atlanta Falcons on the ropes, up 23-7 in the second half. But like most inconsistent teams, they couldn’t complete the entire game. The Falcons shut them out in the second half and Julio Jones scored two touchdowns in the 4th quarter to put the exclamation point on the comeback. By the way, why is Julio pronounced with the hard J rather than the soft? Julio Caesar Chavez is shaking his head right now.

8. The Houston Texans looked well on their way to finally losing a game so we all could start to count them out. But the Cincinnati Bengals couldn’t close them out and that man they call TJ Yates Tebowned (see what I did there?) the last two minutes of the game. He scrambled for 17-yards on third and 15 to keep the drive going. Then, with just two seconds left, he connected with Kevin Walter in the end zone which secured the 20-19 win. The Houston Texans are going to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

9. And the rest … QB Joe Webb fumbled Minnesota’s chances away at the one-yard line in the 4th quarter, though his facemask was nearly pealed off his helmet at the same time and it went uncalled in Detroit’s 34-28 home victory. It’s been that kind of year for the Vikings. The Philadelphia Eagles scored 24 points in the 2nd quarter and that was enough to beat the Miami Dolphins 26-10 in Miami. The NY Jets beat bumps on the Kansas City Chiefs behind two Mark Sanchez rushing TDs. The Jacksonville Jags scored 21% of their points this season in their 41-14 victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Baltimore Ravens snored through their 24-10 victory. Indianapolis is still going to draft Andrew Luck right? The Chargers are back in the AFC West race with a 37-10 victory over the Buffalo Bills. They’re only two games behind the Denver Broncos, though have to face Baltimore and Detroit in their next two games.

10. It’s possible that the St. Louis Rams vs. the Seattle Seahawks is the worst Monday Night Football game in a very long time. The two teams have only seven victories between them. Because the game is in Seattle, I expect the Seahawks to win the game. However, I love the Rams’ defensive line and they could cause havoc for Tavaris Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. I’ll take the ‘Hawks, but by less than 7 points.

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