Fact #1: I’m not crazy enough about modern-day “SNL” to watch it every week. Whether I tune in or not depends on a) whether I’m even home to watch it (I don’t have DVR) and/or b) who the guest host is? Jason Segel? Totally tuned in. The lady from “Mike & Molly”? Happened to get home in time to catch the last half or so (and she was pretty funny, too.) Katy Perry? Not a chance in hell. Despite the fact that she is in possession of at least three certified earworms (“Teenage Dream”, “California Gurls” and “Firework”), there’s something about her that annoys the shit out of me. Leave in the fact that I’ve heard some not so pleasant things about her from someone who would know and…well, I passed up this week’s “SNL” in order to watch reruns of “The First 48” and “Community” on my OnDemand.

Fact #2: I love Robyn. If I can pat myself on the back, I loved Robyn back in the ’90s, when she was just some random pop ‘n b singer and not every hipster and music critic’s certified favorite pop artist. I was almost tempted to watch “SNL” this weekend just to see her perform (and have to thank Katy Perry-whose tour Robyn opened up-for even getting her on the show, since I imagine that was a stipulation of her appearance and not just coincidence,) but my ambivalence for Katy turned out to be greater than my love for Robyn.

I did see some chatter on Twitter about Robyn lip-synching her performance, which surprised me, as not only is she perfectly capable of carrying a tune, but “SNL” generally frowns upon lip-synching to the point that the only musical guest I can ever remember miming on the show (and I’ve been watching it on and off for nearly thirty years now) was Janet Jackson.

Thankfully, NBC.com has the performances available, and while I still haven’t caught the performance of “Call Your Girlfriend”, I can say that her second performance (of “Dancing On My Own”, which is an absolutely perfect pop song) was live. There was a pre-recorded backing vocal (no big deal), and a third vocal which seemed to have been run through some sort of vocoder/computer. And it’s hard to tell whether she was singing to the song’s original backing track or, since the song is entirely synth-based, whether the keyboard player was just faithfully replicating the song. At any rate, have a look at the performance. Whatever happens, I hope this exposes Robyn to a wider audience. The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences is already up on things-she’s got two Grammy noms this year.

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