I’ve had the fortune of seeing Providence, RI’s Deer Tick in concert several times. One thing I can definitely say is that their shows are an experience. This is rock ‘n roll in the classic “The Who” sense of the word. Beverages are imbibed, lead singer John McCauley will rasp in a way that makes you wonder why his voice is twice as old as the rest of him is, the riffing is loud, there will be a few “F bombs” thrown, you’ll see some seriously inventive White People dancing, a fight might break out, and pants might be soiled. Want proof? Read my buddy Pete’s recap of one of their recent shows.

You wouldn’t think that they’d be able to channel the energy of one of their shows into a video, but, lo and behold. Here’s the video for their latest single “Main Street”, which mainly consists of destruction, vandalism and fire amid the band’s performance. Close enough, right?

I do feel like there should maybe be a disclaimer to not try any of this shit at home?

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