After all the hub-bub, Astro is still on the show, but I don’t think the odds are great that he gets passed the next two weeks.

Last week, LeRoy Bell and his stage uncomfortableness and Lakoda Rayne left the show leaving Nicole with only one contestant left and Paula with zero. But Nicole’s contestant might now be the favorite to win the entire show. Josh Krajcik, who moves to number one on my hotlist, is the most consistently great performer going right now. Melanie is rock solid and Rachel Crow continues to show tons of charisma, while Drew is in the middle of the turf war between Simon and LA. With Paula now out of the mentoring part of the game completely, it’s going to turn into more of the Simon and LA show than it already is. And overall, it’s probably better for ratings if it’s that way.

Hotlist Week 4
1. Josh Krajcik
2. Melanie Amaro
3. Rachel Crow
4. Drew
5. Astro
6. Marcus Canty
7. Chris Rene

The Defeated
1. InTENsity
2. The Stereo Hogzz
3. Stacy Francis
4. Lakoda Rayne
5. LeRoy Bell

I just found out that tonight is Michael Jackson night. Okay, now I’m pretty excited. It’s interesting timing for MJ night considering that the man who gave Michael Jackson the lethal dose of Propofol was sentenced just yesterday. I’d like to think it was just a coincidence and that it was scheduled because of Immortal. If you’re not hip to the story, Big Money Mike wrote about it today.

Marlon, Tito, and Jackie joined Mr. Anti-charisma on the stage. Where’s greasy Jermaine?

Aaron is back to share his comments on the show too.

Josh Krajcik is up first and he thought MJ was the coolest when he was younger. Just the coolest. He’s performing Dirty Diana and slowed it way down like it was a bluesy rock sock. It was a little slow and you could tell he was nervous because it wasn’t in his wheel house, but when he pulled out the axe near the end, I thought he looked like a rock star. Aaron says it was his weakest performance to date, and he needed more time because when he worked it out it was great. LA says it was the first time he stepped out of his comfort zone. Paula says it was show-stopping. Simon says it was great as a spectacle, but it was overproduced and he blamed Nicole for the choreography. Nicole says he stepped out of his comfort zone and she’s proud of him.

Astro is next. He sort of already did a Jacksons song when he was in the bottom two. Astro is performing a version of Black Or White. The music is too loud to hear his lyrics. The kid is so brilliant. I just wish I could hear his lyrics a little bit better. Aaron says it took him a while to get into it, but by the end it was fun and energized. Nicole says he really had fun and enjoyed himself. Paula says he’s influential and inspirational. Simon says he’s so glad the public kept him and he deserves to be here. LA says he’s proud and he hopes the Jackson family is proud of him too. Paris, Prince, Blanket, and Katherine are in the audience as well. Paris’ voice sounds a lot like Janet’s.

Drew is performing the slowest version of Billie Jean you’ve ever heard. David Cooke’s version was better. Well, the people who are on LA’s side about Drew becoming boring (like my mom) aren’t going to change their minds with this one. Aaron says when she sang out it was great, but when she toned her voice down he could pass. LA says she made it her own and he liked it. My son says he thinks LA did that because Simon was nice to Astro. Nicole says she sounded beautiful, but it was safe. Paula says it was her best vocal performance, but it wasn’t visual enough. Simon says that because of too much dancing, Paula doesn’t have anyone left. Simon says it’s all about singing the song beautifully and that’s what she did.

Rachel Crow rockin’ a glitter glove. She’s already my favorite. I hope she has glitter socks on. She’s performing Can You Feel It. The song is way too big for her, but she’s trying so hard and by the looks of her, she’s sure she rocked it out. Aaron says he felt the vocals, felt the vibe, but didn’t feel that she felt the beat of the song. LA says it wasn’t her best performance. Nicole says she’s not sure she felt it. Paula says she loves her, but she needs to get back to doing what she wants. Simon says it must be hate Simon night and told her not to listen to the negative feedback.

Marcus Canty is singing PYT and his vocal weaknesses showed. The song was remixed with Usher’s DJ Got Us Falling In Love beat. The track sucked and it hurt him big time. Aaron says he got the spirit of the theme award, but it was up and down. Nicole says he’s the whole package. Paula says it was a beautiful homage to MJ. Simon says he agrees with Paula, except the vocals weren’t good. LA says it was inventive.

Chris Rene is up next and I think my man is going to have some problems. He’s performing an uppity version of I’ll Be There. Okay, this was pretty much a brilliant song choice. He chose not to really test his vocals, so he sounded fine. I could’ve done without the terrible rap during the bridge. Aaron says grunts don’t really make it your own and his ears hurt a few times during the performance. Nicole says she felt Chris’ spirit and it was so beautiful. Paula says he manifests in the heart department. Okay. Simon says LA was clever, but Chris will need a lot of support. LA says he knows he’s the truth.

Melanie Amaro is singing Earth Song. Big Money Mike tells this story about how you know Mike’s bad when he can do a song where he’s singing about some elephants and make it hot. This is the best performance tonight. She’s not quite as powerful vocally as MJ, but this was damn close. Aaron says thank you Melanie for making this show worth sitting through. Wow! LA says she was amazing and maybe the best of the night. Nicole says it wasn’t only best of the night, but it was one of the best performances of the season. Paula says it was flawless. Simon says he couldn’t be more proud.

Mr. Anti-charisma says two more will go home tomorrow. They are sure as heck speeding through this thing.

Aaron is a bit scared for Josh. He says:

Thinking about it and after tonight’s performances I do have one fear. If Josh goes this week, and with tonight’s performance and going first, he may, has the X Factor entirely just become a glorified American Idol? Of course there are excuses behind all of them. Stereo Hoggz were a one man band. (I do wonder how 4shore would of done). InTENsity was just too many to keep in order. Lakoda Rayne are special if they can nail down their harmonies, but perhaps they should of went first (based on their first live performance). I can let GG preach the gospel of LeRoy Bell going weeks ago. Stacy had a few bad weeks. Now Josh has had an off week. It was by no means bad. BUT, what we are left with is a final 5 we would have wound up with on Idol, maybe a little younger with Rachel, Drew, and Astro in the mix, but still pretty much an Idol group. I just fear it because I jumped on the X Factor band wagon seeing that it was something special. For that reason I will be on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Josh makes it through tomorrow.

Personally, I think Josh will be absolutely fine.

Top 2
GG: Melanie Amaro and Astro
Aaron: Melanie Amaro and Astro

Bottom 2
GG: Drew and Marcus
Aaron: Chris and Rachel

Mr. Anti-charimsa out!

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