We’re not posting anything today (except this.) Hopefully you are spending as little time on the internet as possible and taking this day to enjoy and appreciate your family and friends, and giving thanks for the things you have. As much as it may seem like the world is sliding into some crazy place, we still have a lot to be grateful for. Hell, as long as we wake up in the morning and draw breath, we should be grateful.

There are plenty of things that I’m grateful for, but within the context of this site, I have to say that the two things I’m most thankful for are 1) you, the reader and 2) my fantastic staff of writers. I started this site in February 2010 with no expectations, and what it’s grown to has exceeded my craziest vision—and we’re still growing. Thank those of you who read for supporting, spreading the word and offering your opinion. To the guys and girls that have contributed to this site in any way, shape or form-there are no words in any language that can properly convey my gratitude. Even if I can’t articulate the way I feel, please know that you are appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Enjoy the turkey.

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