As you’re probably already aware of, the latest Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” was recently released in theaters. The fourth (and second to last) movie in the Twilight Saga tells the story of vampire, Edward Cullen, and his mortal fiancée, Bella Swan, finally tying the knot. Since I have this sort of OCD thing going where I can’t start a series without finishing it (so yes, I’m admitting that I’ve seen all the other Twilight movies…shut up), I went and saw Breaking Dawn in theaters this weekend. And let me just tell you, it was awful.

I’m not here to bash Twilight. There are plenty of other websites and forums on the Internet that have that covered already, and I feel like Twilight-bashing, just for the sake of bashing it, is overdone. Because, truthfully, when I first read the books several years ago, I liked Twilight. I was younger then; a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, who thought Bella and Edward’s eternal love should be a blue-print for my future relationships. Since then, I’ve matured a lot, and been in healthy, real relationships that helped me to realize that the Twilight books aren’t even remotely romantic (or well-written, for that matter), but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So I won’t jump on the Twilight sucks/bashing bandwagon. But I will give a rational, somewhat-unbiased explanation as to why the movie was so abominably terrible.

The acting, as expected, hasn’t improved a single bit from the previous films. Kristen Stewart (Bella) continues to sulk her way across the screen, even in the wedding scenes, where she’s supposed to be happy and in love. Though I do like Robert Pattinson (Edward), at this point, I have to break down and admit that he’s nothing more than a cardboard cut out for most of the movie; the stoic, tragic look that he’s perfected has gotten old, and just comes off as him being a stiff actor. Taylor Lautner (who plays werewolf/Bella’s best friend, Jacob), in addition to growing some scruffy facial hair, seems to be the only one who has grown at all as an actor, but even his lines came off as being corny and clichéd. The rest of the cast merely acts as background fillers to basically stand around in the scenes with Bella and Edward- none of them are memorable enough to even be part of the cast, in my opinion.

However, acting aside, the main problem with Breaking Dawn is the story itself. To be fair, director, Bill Condon, could’ve hired the best actors in Hollywood, and the movie still would’ve been horrible, because the script and book (written by Stephenie Meyer) it was based on are truly horrific. I won’t give everything away, but there are a few scenes in the movie where I wanted to just get up and walk out because of the sheer stupidity in the script. Then, there’s a graphically disgusting scene (and no, I’m not talking about Edward and Bella’s honeymoon night,) which just makes me wonder who saw this movie and enjoyed it.

Okay, back to what I said originally: I’m not here to bash Twilight. Honestly. The one good thing I can say about the movie, is that Bella and Edward’s relationship (for what it is) was handled well, and all of the women that swoon over their romance will enjoy the wedding scenes. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are nice eye candy, and if you’re a guy being dragged to the movie, there’s some pretty hot chicks in the film, too. Besides that, the acting and content aren’t really worth your money. If you’re smart, like me, you’ll go to an early bird matinee and pay half price.

Or, if you’re smarter, still, you’ll just avoid the whole thing altogether.

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