My son doing a birthday Tebow

I was thinking about why Tim Tebow was so fun to root for and so fun to root against. He’s not normal. We can’t analyze him like we can others. It’s because his analytics show him as the worst quarterback this side of David Carr. What’s weird is that he’s 4-1 and you can’t really put your finger on as to why. People say, “He’s a winner.” Is it that easy? Does he inspire his team to play harder and better, including his defense? What does Timothy Tebow do that others don’t? I don’t know, and I think that’s why he’s so fun to root for and so fun to root against. We can’t explain it.

We Monday Morning Quarterbacks would love to give reasons as to why Tim Tebow is succeeding. We also like to say things like, “The Broncos are hurting his development,” as if we know how to develop quarterbacks. Can the Broncos continue to run Tebow like he’s the second coming of Jim Brown? Or will John Elway’s words from earlier in the season strike true? Tim Tebow needs to learn how to be a pocket passer to be the Broncos’ QB of the future. He does, doesn’t he?

1. The Broncos are down by 3 and on their own 5 yard line with just under 6 minutes to go. Here were the list of plays: Tebow pass, Tebow run, Tebow pass, Tebow incomplete pass, Tebow run, Tebow run, Tebow run, Tebow pass incomplete, Tebow pass, Ball run, Tebow run, and Tebow touchdown run. And what does he say after the game? “I like winning.”

Yep, still Tebowing.

2. The biggest non-Tebow story is probably that of Jay Cutler’s broken thumb. After beating the San Diego Chargers 31-20 on Sunday, it was reported that Cutler broke his thumb during the game (and played with it broken) and could be out for the rest of the regular season. They probably need to win 4 out of their last 6 games to secure a playoff spot for sure, but it’s no gimme. They play the Raiders, Broncos, KC (in KC), Seattle (in Seattle), and then finish up with Green Bay and Minnesota. I think there’s one gimme game in the whole lot. With Cutler, I think they could win 4. Without Cutler? I’m not so sure.

3. Cincinnati got as close as the Baltimore Ravens’ 7-yard line with less than a minute to go. They needed a touchdown to tie the game. The last four plays for the Bengals were three incomplete passes and a sack to effectively end the ball game. That’s how a defense closes out a ball game.

4. I hope no one’s written off the Dallas Cowboys. Though it wasn’t the blow-out win their fans wanted, they beat the Washington Redskins in overtime 27-24 and are now 6-4 and tied atop the NFC East. Mr. November Tony Romo (ESPN’s nickname, not mine) is now 18-2 in his career in November. The Cowboys and NY Giants play twice down the stretch, which will probably decide the division.

5. Speaking of the Giants, they had a chance to stay ahead of the Cowboys and end the Philadelphia Eagles season, but didn’t do it. Not only was Michael Vick out, but Eagles’ leading receiver Jeremy Maclin was also out because of injury. But the Giants couldn’t get it done. How about that Vince Young to Riley Cooper combination?

6. My San Francisco 49ers didn’t play their best game, but it didn’t matter. Their defense suffocated the great John Skeleton who threw 3 interceptions. They have a huge game against the Ravens on Thanksgiving evening in what we fans like to call the Harbaugh Bowl. Can someone tell Vern Davis that he’s a humongous dude and he needs to start running over people?

By the way, I recently re-watched this gem. Much better than the Super Bowl Shuffle right?

7. I watched the AFC West leading Oakland Raiders commit 3 personal foul penalties on the Vikings’ first drive. It was as if they wanted to personal foul the Vikings into the end zone. But they settled down, took control of the game, injured Adrian Peterson, and held off Christian Ponder’s late push. The Raiders have a tough remaining schedule so if they do win this division, it will be well-deserved.

8. Rowdy Roddy White finally had a Rowdy Roddy White-like game in the Atlanta Falcons’ victory over the Tennessee Titans. Jake Locker got his first playing time of the season after a Matt Hassleback injury and threw two TD passes to Nate Washington. The Falcons are still just one game out of the last playoff spot in the NFC.

9. And the rest … Killa Cam Newton threw 4 interceptions and Matthew Stafford brought the Lions back with 5 touchdowns to beat the Panthers 49-35. Based on the score, you’d think that it was just another day at the office for the Packers, but Aaron Rodgers had to throw a late touchdown pass to secure the 9-point victory over the Bucs. The Rams kept their hopes up in the Suck For Luck campaign with a 24-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. But the Dolphins nearly killed their hopes, winning their third game in a row after destroying the Buffalo Bills. They now have 3 wins, which might be 3 too many. The Browns and the Jags played and I’m not sure anyone cared.

10. It’s Tom Brady vs. Tyler Palko on Monday Night Football! Yep, the Pats should have their way with the Chiefs tonight.

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