It’s very rare in this day and age that bands still come out and manage to sound like no one else. The Front Bottoms are that kind of a band. A duo like no other of their contemporaries, they create stories within each one of their songs. At times blink 182-ish without the brattiness (Maybe if Tom Delonge took Angels & Airwaves in a more acoustic direction without the air of pretension…), The Front Bottoms do so much with so little. With such lush arrangements on each song, you’ll be continually surprised that this is just two guys assaulting your aural senses.

Opener “Flashlight” is where that blink sound I was talking about starts but by the time the trumpet kicks in (Yes, a trumpet) just after the one-minute mark, you’ll be listening to a completely different monster. Not only do The Front Bottoms sound different than what’s out today but they make sure every song moves and moves you. There’s stories to be told here. “Father” is pretty messed up when you listen closely. Even “The Beers” with it’s goofy overtones is essentially a black comedy.

The more things progress on The Front Bottoms, the more they get better. Another rarity in music today is an album that is consistently good from beginning to end but that’s what you’re gonna get when you pick up The Front Bottoms. “Legit Tattoo Gun” which is the penultimate chapter on their debut is so solid with an upbeat acoustic guitar steering the ship until the piano-laden breakdown hits. Closer “Hooped Earings” hits after that and, quite frankly, you’ll just be wishing that the album wasn’t ending.

The Front Bottoms self-titled debut is out now. They play TT The Bears on Wednesday, November 16th. I’m guaranteeing this is not a show you wanna miss. Everyone wants to be the person to raise their hand when a band marches into a sold-out headlining gig at a theater or stadium and asks the question :”Hey, were any of you at our first gig at TT the Bear’s back in 2011?”. Opportunities like this don’t happen often. Besides, what else are you gonna do on a Wednesday? Be a part of something!

Grade: B

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