In much the same way All You Need is Now marked a return to the sound that made Duran Duran household names in the early Eighties, the video for “Girl Panic!” marks a return to the types of videos that made the Durannies the first ever “MTV band”.

Of course, there’s no longer a vehicle like MTV for Duran Duran to dominate, so maybe “Girl Panic!” just appeals to the nostalgist in me. But shit, this might be the best video these guys have made since “A View to a Kill” in 1985. It’s a decadent mini-movie, the type I didn’t even think it was possible to make these days.

In a nifty bit of role reversal, the Durans get a bevy of supermodels (of course they get supermodels) to play…Duran Duran. Meanwhile, the guys themselves play interviewers and photographers. It’s a hell of a fun watch–and the song is great too!

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