The twist ending at the conclusion of Dark Heavens‘ “Rock Ya Chewbakka” is of M. Night Shyamalan proportions but it doesn’t mean you should skip to the end and not enjoy our titular hero as he takes extreme sports to a whole ‘nother level in a pink Chewbacca costume. Ever see a Wookie ride a rollercoaster? Ever see a Wookie professionally skateboard? Ever see a Wookie surf??? If you watch this video you can check “yes” for all of those!

Not enough to entice you? How about that it’s a kick ass skate punk song by Dark Heavens, a power trio that feature in their ranks pro skater Donovan Dresti on vocals/guitar, Delta Activity drummer Anthony Olyaee on drums and dredg bassist Drew Roulette? Not enough? Too bad. That’s all I got.

Their debut 5 song EP is out now. “Rock Ya Chewbakka” is below.

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