Man, the videos are flying out from Fountains of Wayne’s Sky Full of Holes, eh?

Barely a month after the clip for “The Summer Place” surfaced, the guys are back with a new “short film” (to use Michael Jackson’s favorite term)-this one for “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart”. It’s not a particularly thrilling video-tons of quick cuts, mostly live footage (or “candid” footage of the band members goofing around) mixed with beach shots containing a pretty girl and kids. It was probably thrown together for not a lot of money-not sure for what purpose other than…well, I guess the purpose would be to get people like me to write about it, eh?

Anyway, I don’t need another video to know that Sky Full of Holes will very likely make my Top 10 favorites list at the end of 2011. FoW rarely (if ever) disappoint, and this album is NO exception to that rule. If you own it? Good. If you don’t (and you either are a FoW fan or a fan of great pop music), then get your hiney over to a record store or onto iTunes or Amazon and buy the damn thing, why don’t cha?

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