Even with a little bambino on the way, Beyonce is still as (Sasha) fierce as ever. She debuted her new video for the Boyz II Men-sampling “Countdown” last night, and it’s pretty much 4 minutes of everything you’d expect from a Beyonce video. The cuts in this video are so fast (and there’s so much happening even apart from that) you might just go dizzy from watching. It’s certainly the best of the videos released so far from the 4 album.

Despite the fact that “Countdown” is a little bit derivative of a lot of other Beyonce songs (ones I don’t like, to boot), I’ve gotta say I dig the track as well as the video. There’s a lighthearted vibe on this song that’s missing from similar tunes like the abominable “Single Ladies”. The BIIM sample was a genius move. Not a bad 20th anniversary gift for the iconic group to hear their voices on a song by arguably the most iconic female singer of her generation.

I’d still like to know what a “boof boof” is, though.

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