Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke is back with a new solo EP available at the end of October. Entitled The Hunter (Cue Mastodon mix-up’s now), it’ll feature 7 all new tracks including a cover of “Goodbye Horses” (The “Buffalo Bill” song in The Silence of the Lambs) by Q Lazzarus along with the first single, “What Did I Do?” featuring vocalist Lucy Taylor on lead vocals.

I am definitely a fan of Bloc Party’s and Kele’s electronic direction. I loved Intimacy, and though uneven at times, Kele’s solo record, The Boxer, was pretty great. If it’s possible, Kele got even dancier with “What Did I Do?” (Think “Flux” from Intimacy slowed down with a nice groove).

So maybe that Bloc Party reunion isn’t happening? If this recent article in NME about the future of Bloc Party is any indication, perhaps “What Did I Do?” is a response to his Bloc Party bandmates especially during the chorus. That said, if Bloc Party is over, then consider “What Did I Do?” the soundtrack for  Kele rising from the ashes like a triumphant phoenix.

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